Nike Air Max 90 Ultra 20210904

When I bought it on the 11th of the double, I didn’t want to return it. As a result, I sent me a pair of shoes with no trademark. I thought about it. As a result, all my feet were covered with blood blisters. First of all, I said that I bought more than ten pairs of the same type, all of which were 42. This pair of foot grinding is the only one. Return 600 yuan, do not accept the evaluation of change

Today, I occasionally look at the max90 that I have bought for half a year, but I haven’t commented on it. Let’s talk about the shoes I’ve worn for half a year! First of all, less than 400 yuan is very favorable. Secondly, this pair of shoes has been worn for more than half a year, except for the wear on the bottom, other places are all good and can be used for another half year. This exposed air cushion, it can be said that the comfort is great. All in all, it’s a great pair of shoes.

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