Nike KD 9 20210810

I’m sorry about the evaluation. I didn’t take any photos all the time. I wore them twice during training, which made my teammates step on their feet. Maybe because my feet are very thin, I don’t think it’s difficult to put them in. On the contrary, it’s easy to wear. The wrapping is good. Light weight, full-length zoom is a little hard to step on, but the feedback is good. Not suitable for the outfield, not suitable for the gray field, the wood floor is the best, a little cleaner, the pedal effect can be better. The starting speed is very fast and the buffer is OK. Generally speaking, it is more suitable for a small guard like me who is shorter and lighter. If there is ash on the ground, it will be very slippery. Don’t ask me why I know. In addition, HD 2016 low is not my shoes. I can’t wear them because of their small feet. They didn’t take photos separately. The store owner made it clear. I didn’t like KD series shoes before. At least, I think the design of this model is much better

The shoes are very good. I entered 419 at Shanghai South Railway Station. I haven’t been fighting yet. I heard that it’s not very convenient to put on and take off the shoes. But they are very beautiful. I like the black gold hook. I hope I don’t break Guan

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