Nike Tanjun 20210804

I bought it on November 11. The price is very favorable. I didn’t go to the physical store before. It was too expensive. After receiving the goods, I checked it carefully. It is a classic one. It looks good. It’s comfortable to wear. The workmanship is also very good. And husband to buy the couple’s money, see the effect of this wear. Buy when recommending activities.

Today after work to get the express, opened to read, feel really like super, super cost-effective ~ cost-effective is also very high! Friends all said that I bought super value, want to buy this, has recommended to good friends, ha ha, next time will come to buy… Still hesitant friends to start, conscience recommended Oh! This activity is also very cost-effective ~ ~ very good cost performance. In terms of logistics, the seller’s delivery speed is also very fast, and the service is in place, fast ~ good service! Come to this shop next time! I’ve bought this before, but I’m not as good as this one. I’ve made a lot of money this time. Ha ha! The shoes are comfortable to wear. SF express, super fast. The shoes are comfortable to wear. I’m not tired after a day’s shopping. The air permeability is also good. Wearing it on rainy days will not be easy to get dirty and happy. It is more cost-effective and convenient than that in the store. These have been through for a few days and are not d

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